One of the reasons why cotton is such a popular fabric is that it’s low maintenance. Cotton is fully machine washable and if worn and treated with care, will last for a long time. Check the washing instructions on each garment for specific instructions.

  • SILK

    Silk is a delicate material and should be treated as such. Check the label first – sometimes dry cleaning is the only recommended option. If the garment is washable, use cool water and a detergent for delicates and avoid stretching the garment while it’s wet. Avoid tumble-drying silk garments – this will most likely damage and shrink the fabric.


    They can handle a bit of wear and tear. Nowadays synthetics are beautifully designed and are easy to wear and to take care of. Wash on medium temperature and preferably hang them out to dry. Synthetic fabrics cant handle a hot iron, so medium iron, or look into the specific washing instructions on your garment.


    When washing linen, set your machine to a low temperature and a delicate cycle. Linen is a natural material and can easily become misshapen when wet. You can restore the garment to its original shape by ironing it with a hot steam iron. To keep its sheen, iron the garment on the reverse side. 

  • WOOL

    Woollen garments usually don’t have to be washed that often – try airing and spot cleaning them first. Use a detergent for delicates when you do wash them. Use the wool or hand wash cycle on your washing machine or even better, wash by hand. To avoid stretching the wool fibres, don’t wring wool clothes and always dry them flat. Ironing after washing helps to restore the material’s natural sheen – use a steam iron on the wool setting and a pressing cloth.


    Wash jeans inside out to stop them fading. Take them out of the washing machine as soon as possible after the programme has ended to avoid creasing. Denim’s characteristic look is the result of a special dyeing method that can result in dry-bleeding, where small pigment particles remain on the surface and can rub off. This can be lessened by washing your new jeans in cold water a couple of times before you put them on.

There are plenty more materials - fibres that need specific care, please check your garment. And be aware of the material and it's origin.