PRESS // Elle decoration South Africa // trendedition #100

We open the doors of South African trendsetters’ homes. These homes represent where style is going.The Patternmaker
Pattern and print are used with reckless abandon in Debby vsn der Veer-Boer’s Joburg home.
Photographs Vanssa Lewis
Production Laureen Rossouw

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After attending art school  The Hague. I realised I didn’t want to be a lonely artist in a studio waiting to be discovered by the next gallery. So, I dabbled in various jobs; from assistant photographer, television producer and art director for a menswear label.

I was always adapting to others’ tastes and choices, never my own. Leaving the commercial setting, I pursued what I always wanted to do; drawing. I started to figure out how I could make a statement as an illustrator. By starting my own company, Blandat, I began to produce illustrations, wich translated well on prints on cloth and in fashion. I decided to create exclusive prints as an alternative to an african wax print.
The 70s are a huge influence for me; the colours, designs and shapes. They are soft yet firm and bold. My family and I look at objects differently. We like a great Eames chair, but a kitsch painting can be equally as pretty. I source a lot of my favourite things on the streets. Beauty can be in all kinds of design.

I like cheap just as much as expensive- the only rule is that it needs a soul, a design , a life. It needs a story.
Our style is eclectic. It is a mix between 70s design and robot chic. The Stark gun lamp is a good example of this, which is edgy and makes a statement. The wallpaper in the dining room is another – a jungle with grenades from my own collection. The pieces in our home were individually selected and all go together and at the same time nothing does. It’s the clash that makes it interesting. I use the same principle in my work- the bigger the clash, the better.
I love the combinations of browns combined with orange and turquoise, with a splash of gold. When I saw the house for the first time I fell in love with the 70s feel of the pattens in the tiles and the bricks- it was the first house we saw that had character, was original and had a soul.

At the moment I have a personal crush on ceramics.

There are great developments , the combination of ceramics and other materials is very interesting.

Digital printing is going to be the next big thing.
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